Pretty Reckless in Baltimore

Photos and words Paul Frederiksen

Usually when you go to a show you have expectations on what the audience will be like. Coming into The Pretty Reckless show my expectations on what the audience would look like couldn’t be more wrong. It had everything from teenage rocker chicks to 60 year old tattooed degenerates. For some reason, it all made sense. Taylor Momsen gave up a life of celebrity and acting to become a serious rocker. She succeeded. If I have ever had a daughter that liked to rock out, I’d have no problem being that dad rocking out right next to her to The Pretty Reckless.

The setlist was varied. They played some new stuff from the new album “Who You Selling For”, including the single “Going To Hell”. Momsen also had no problem breaking out crowd favorites “Make Me Wanna Die”, “My Medicine” and “Fucked Up World”. In the end it didn’t matter if classic The Pretty Reckless songs were playing. Momsen belted out every note flawlessly with great crowd presence.

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