GWAR New Years Eve 2015

Prepare for the New Year by preparing to be covered in … fluids of various colors.  Yes folks, who wouldn’t want to ring in the new year with Gwar!


While Richmond is a little outside of DC it is still Virginia and instead of bringing you a fancy, pretty dress-up NYE celebration we wanted to start off the year right with blood and gore and heavy metal.  So your fearless editors/photographers/janitors of DCDecibel traveled down to Richmond to say goodbye to 2015 and yell hello to 2016.


With the lights down and the crowd amped up it was time to welcome the towering beasts that make up Gwar to the stage.  It didn’t take long before Blothar got the fluids flowing by hacking and slashing resulting in removing the front of one of the members and blood streaming into the crowd.  First song in and already I was dodging the spray while the rest of the crowd angled to get covered in it.  Also on the edge of the stage were little tiki looking idols all with a special treat.  Those I also avoided while shooting but did get some splash and for the rest of the night I looked like I had a bleeding head wound, but I was bleeding green blood.  Was I an alien as well?  Nah, I didn’t have the cool outfits like they do.


During the show we were treated to an introduction of the internet and all the hidden jems that the ‘net offers such as “Insta Gram” for ordering all your drug  desires, “shitter” “fistbook” SpewTube” and, apparently, Jerrod’s favorite “kinder”.  We witnessed as some of the band members learned about email as someone received a “you’re fired” email – making a mockery of some issues they had with a former band member.


As the night went on we were treated with decapitations, monster fights with eyes being pulled out and gallons upon gallons of multicolored fluids spewing out from tiki idols, sliced nipples, a quad of peniii looking like an udder, machines and even a bucket all while the band is performing songs from their catalog and doing a damn fine job of it too.  Sure Gwar is known for their theatrics and covering the audience with goo, but don’t discount their ability to blast out the tunes like nobody’s business.  And I have to give them extra credit in that they run around stage, playing their instruments like a bat out of hell all while wearing the oversized outfits that is the defining visual component of Gwar.  


Once the band had exhausted their supply of blood and bile and the audience soaked up almost as much liquid as they had songs it was time to ring in the new year.  However, there was one small hitch, midnight had passed by almost 10 minutes AFTER the last song had ended.  No one was worried, we just all hopped into a time machine and went back in time 2 minutes for the final clock.  The countdown timer reached zero indicating that midnight was upon us and that 2015 ended (a second time) and confetti cannons exploded covering the already drenched audience in little pieces of paper.  I can only imagine that this was Gwars attempt at making a gory human paper mache figures.  


So, to sum things up… Happy Spew Year!



Gwar – The National NYE 2015

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